Engaging IT as a Strategic Partner on Your Digital Pathology Journey

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Making the transition to digital pathology is a significant undertaking for any organization. And while the pathology department often leads the charge when it comes to evaluating and selecting the right technologies, the IT department plays a critical role in bringing the project to life. Engaging the IT department as a strategic partner early in the process can accelerate project timelines and ensure organizational alignment.

In this moderated discussion, Dr. Monica Santamaria-Fries, Digital Transformation Officer at Proscia and former Chief of Pathology at Kaiser Permanente, and Michael Valante, Chief Technology Officer for Digital Pathology at Dell Technologies, will provide real-world examples and guidance on topics such as:

  • When - and how - to engage the IT department
  • Achieving organizational alignment around strategic objectives for the project
  • The intricacies of interoperability, image formats, and integration into enterprise imaging

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