White Paper:
Overcoming 5 Top Barriers to Scaling
Digital Pathology for Research

Many pathology labs “go digital” with an initial technology investment—usually tied to image scanners—then find themselves constrained as they implement more advanced approaches and research objectives. These solutions simply aren’t enough for them to take advantage of the collaboration, workflow and integration opportunities digital pathology offers.

To realize the full potential of digital pathology—enterprise-scale data management, collaboration, and image analysis—organizations must shift their approach and mindset from a “glass-centric” approach focused slides to a “data-centric” approach designed to optimize the wealth of data they create.

They must also shift their focus from discrete applications to an interconnected digital pathology ecosystem.

What barriers prevent organizations from making these shifts? Are your current image and data management capabilities holding you back from realizing the true promise of data-driven digital pathology?

This white paper explores the five most common challenges organizations encounter during their transition to digital pathology—and shares essential insights on overcoming them.

About Proscia: Proscia’s mission is to transform cancer research and diagnosis with intelligent software that changes the way the world practices pathology, building tools that are redefining pathology and giving pathologists better ways to fight diseases such as cancer today.

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