Customer Spotlight:
Real-World Examples of Digital Pathology Adoption in Life Sciences and Research

The adoption of digital pathology continues to accelerate across research labs, with COVID-19 highlighting the power of digital transformation in accelerating drug discovery and driving new breakthroughs. Leading labs have already begun to demonstrate significant workflow improvements by embracing this technology.

This paper puts the spotlight on three organizations that have made the move to digital:

  • AbbVie
  • The Joint Pathology Center
  • NeuroScience Associates (NSA Labs®)

Topics explored include the rationale behind their decision to go digital and the positive impact digital pathology is both delivering today and expected to deliver in the near future. You’ll learn how these organizations have made improvements in areas such as collaboration amongst researchers, organization of - and access to - images, and efficiency across the research process.

About Proscia: Proscia’s mission is to transform cancer research and diagnosis with intelligent software that changes the way the world practices pathology, building tools that are redefining pathology and giving pathologists better ways to fight diseases such as cancer today.

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