Digital Pathology For Remote Operations During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the healthcare and scientific community to the front lines of a new global battle to save lives, disrupting the standard of care for patient diagnosis and treatment. At Proscia, our team is committed to helping the pathology community serve patients and maintain operations with digital pathology. We've launched the Proscia COVID Response Program to ensure rapid implementation of digital pathology for navigating the complexities and acute challenges facing the pathology community, without the strains of budget considerations.

We're making Concentriq available on-demand for your key needs

  • Remote review and consults
    For hospitals and pathology practices needing to maintain routine services and consultations, we’ll rapidly stand up an instance of Concentriq Dx for remote, image-based end-to-end workflows.

    On April 24, the FDA issued guidance on on a policy to help expand the availability of remote digital pathology devices in an effort to facilitate pathology services during COVID-19. Proscia has accordingly made available Concentriq Dx for remote use in clinical practice in the United States. Concentriq Dx is CE-marked for use in primary diagnosis in Europe.

    On March 26, the CMS granted a waiver allowing pathologists to work remotely, outside of CLIA-licensed facilities, during these times. This waiver gives laboratories the regulatory flexibility to maintain operations with digital pathology. 

  • Education and collaboration
    We’re providing a limited use edition of Concentriq, free of charge, to enable sharing of digital teaching sets, real-time collaborative sessions, and exchange of research data.

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We'll work to help you quickly implement digital pathology to tackle this challenge together. 


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